Stainless Steel Low Voltage 3 Phase AC Submersible Electric Motor

Stainless Steel Low Voltage 3 Phase AC Submersible Electric Motor

Item specification:
YQS sequence nicely use submersible 3-stage asynchronous motor is a fully sealed 3-period asynchronous motor. It is largely utilized to drive water submersible pump in the deep well to extract groundwater, and offer generation and dwelling h2o for industrial and mining enterprises, farmland, pasture and people. The product collection has lengthy lifestyle and is simple to maintain. It is so significantly the best tools for lifting deep properly drinking water.
Can perform with each and every gear which work in water.
1.The normal dimension:from 8inchs to 33inches.
2.The pole:2pole,4pole,6pole,8pole,10pole,12pole.
3.50hz and 60hzInverter motor.
4.Materials:solid iron HT200 stainless metal 304/316/316Lduplex stainless steelTin bronze.
five.Energy:up to 3218HP(2400kw).
6.Efficency:seventy six% to 93%.
Acknowledge customization.

Variety Rated Electricity
Rated voltage
Rated present
Performance (%) Electricity Factors
YQS175-7.5 ten/7.five 380 18.4 77.5 .eight
YQS175-nine.2 twelve.5/9.two 22.1 78 .81
YQS175-11 fifteen/eleven 26.5 seventy nine .eighty one
YQS175-13 seventeen.five/thirteen eighty .82
YQS175-fifteen twenty/fifteen 34.5 eighty .82
YQS175-eighteen.5 twenty five/eighteen.five forty two.3 80.5 .82
YQS175-22 thirty/22 49.four 81 .eighty three
YQS175-25 35/25 fifty five.eight 81 .eighty three
YQS175-thirty 40/thirty sixty five.4 83 .eighty four
YQS175-37 50/37 eighty 83 .eighty four
YQS175-forty five 61/forty five 96 83.5 .eighty five
YQS175-55 75/fifty five 117 eighty four .85
YQS175-63 86/63 134 eighty four .eighty five
YQS175-75 102/seventy five a hundred and sixty eighty four .85


Our organization:

Aote ZheJiang Pump Co., Ltd. was set up in 2004,which is a professional maker specialized in production, sales, R&D of ESP and Seawater Submersible Pump Models.
We have setted up 6 principal sections for ESP producing, including lamination stacking, stator winding, motor assembly, pump assembly, protector assembly and separator assembly, protector assembly and separator assembly. So much, the annual generation potential of AOTE has attained 1150 ESP units. 

Now we can create 23 sequence and 550 technical specs of ESP:
TM375,456,540,562,738series oil-submerged motors
TPR338,four hundred,513,675 sequence protector
TS338,four hundred,513 sequence gas separator
TIN338,400,513,675 sequence ingestion
TP338,400,513,675 oil-submerged pumps

Our Seawater Submersible Pump Unit are in excellent want for the employs of offshore system fire protection, drinking water injection and cooling.
CZPTerization and OEM is acceptable.

Win-get cooperation is the basis of our organization. We hear to our customers’ requirements and offer very best solutions accordingly with minimized value. Best top quality, fast delivery, good after sale services are our core values.
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Stainless Steel Low Voltage 3 Phase AC Submersible Electric Motor