Jinma 454 Farm PRO Nortrac Xinchai C490bt Starter Motor Qdj1315A

Jinma 454 Farm PRO Nortrac Xinchai C490bt Starter Motor Qdj1315A

JINMA 454 Farm Pro Nortrac XINCHAI C490BT CZPTter Motor QDJ1315A 
CZPTter Product Design is QDJ1332A Exact same can be used in any other tractor and engine design. 

# Specification Tractor Product
one CZPTter Motor Jinma Tractor,Jinma four hundred Jinma  404 Jinma 454,Farm Pro 4571 Nortrac 454
For Xinchai C490BT Diesel  Engine

# Name Tractor Design

QDJ1315D  CZPTter Motor for TY395 Engine

Jinma 304,Jinma 354,Farm Professional 2430, Nortract 354
2 QD138Y CZPTter Motor for Y485,4L22 Engine Jinma 304,Jinma 354,Farm Pro 2430,Nortract 354 
3 QDJ157Y CZPTter Motor for 4L22 Engine Jinma 304,Jinma 354,Farm Professional 2430,Nortract 354 
4 QD152 CZPTter Motor=QDJ152TD Yuchai Dozer
five QDJ1401 CZPTter Motor for HangCZPT SL3105ABT JM400,JM454,JM454LE,Farm Professional 4571,NT454
six QDJ1331A CZPTter Motor  Jinma eighteen-28HP,Farm Pro,Nortrac,Ag King,Agracat
7 CZPTter Motor for Xinchai A498BT Jinma 400,Jinma 404,Jinma454, Farm Pro 4571,NT454

♥ Tractor Areas& Motor Areas Model Record:

Primarily listing, if you need other brand name, Remember to Get in touch with or E mail Us for help–Fit your budger and wants
Foton  Jinma  YTO Enfly Bomr Xinchai YTO Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Laidong
Foton 204  Jinma 204  YTO 304 DQ 404 Bomr 304 490B LR4105 Y380 LL380
Foton 254  Jinma 254 YTO 354 DQ 554 Bomr 354 A490 LR4108 Y380T KM385
Foton 304  Jinma 304 YTO 404 DQ704 Bomr 404 C490 LR4110 Y480 LL480
Foton 354  Jinma 354 YTO 504 DQ904 Bomr 504 495B YTR3105T51S-3 Y485 4L22
Foton 404  Jinma 404 YTO 704 DQ824 Bomr 704 498B YTR210TI51SC Y385T KM4100
Foton 504  Jinma 504 YTO 804 DQ1004 Bomr 804 A498 YTR4105T54SB-one Y485T  
Foton 704  Jinma 704 YTO 904 DQ1204 Bomr 904 4D32ZT31 LR4B5-23    
Foton 824  Jinma 804 YTO 1004 DQ1304 Bomr 1004 N485BPG      
Foton 904 Jinma 904 YTO1204   Bomr1204 A498BT      


Jinma 454 Farm PRO Nortrac Xinchai C490bt Starter Motor Qdj1315A