Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with Da56s System 4+1 Axis

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with Da56s System 4+1 Axis

hydraulic plate bending machine with DA56S technique 4+1 Axis

Electro-hydraulic servo CNC Press Brake 

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Company Identify (manufacturer):     HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Equipment Tool Co., Ltd.
Brand name:    YSDCNC
Tel: 571-57262305 Cellphone: 18851629789

one.  Main Features:
Brand name-new market style mixed with present day aesthetic principle, high-top quality manufacturing technological innovation with straightforward physical appearance.
Newest substantial-frequency responding hydraulic handle technology, more rapidly, more efficient and substantial precision.
Heat therapy of the rack, rigidity optimization verification on whole device and the application of hydraulic compensation construction jointly ensure the bending precision of MB8 sequence Press Brakes.
Ideal ratio of parameters and best-degree main configuration ensure steady performance, and straightforward operation.
MB8 regular two shafts back gauge technique, as to complex form operate parts ,four or five shafts back again gauge method and corresponding dies are CZPT for your option.
Press Brake utilizing entirely closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo manage technology, slider position indicators can be opinions to NC technique by bilateral gratings, then NC method adjusts the quantity of fuel tank by modifying the synchronous valve opening dimensions, hereby managing the slider ( Y1,Y2 ) working on the same frequency, preserving the parallel condition of the workbench.
According to state of sheet metallic on the Push Brake, CNC technique can routinely handle deflection payment value ensuing in equivalent angle and duration of all workpieces.
The use of hydraulic deflection payment offers accessibility to uniform entire length workpieces . CZPT deflection compensation consists of a established of oil cylinders underneath the workbench, which can make the table takes place relative motion and type an excellent convex curve, ensuring the relative placement relations with slider maintain unchanged. Payment values are matter to plate thickness and properties of content to be minimize.

two. Main Configuration:
Adopting Holland CZPTM DA56S CNC controller
Grating ruler controls depth of Y1 and Y2 axis ( Y 1 / Y two-axis .01mm )
Servo motor generate and manage X- axis and Y-axis ( X,Y-axes .01mm ), back again stopper can be easily moved alongside the cylindrical guidebook rail.
HIWIN ball screw and linear guidebook rail accuracy of .01mm
Front supporter can be moved alongside the linear manual rail in the workbench direction
Germany CZPT entirely closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronously controls the method
Germany EMB oil tube connectors
Germany Siemens major motor
France Schneider CZPTs
CZPT and electrical overload safety
Higher are mechanical fast pinching dies. Reduce are double-V fast shifting dies

3. Protection CZPT:

1.EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013 2.EN ISO 12100:2571 3.EN 65714-one:2006+A1:2009

Front finger security gadget ( security gentle curtain )
South Korea KACON pedal change ( 4 stability grade )
Back metal safeguard, CE normal
Security relay monitors completed with pedal switch, protection security devices
Security regular ( 2006/42/EC )

4. Holland CZPTm DA56S Controller:

10″broadband TFT colour screen, Lcd backlighting
CZPT configuration Y1-Y2-X axes, R axis can be served as Z or X2 axis as properly
500MHZ processor, memory ability of 256M
Die library, 30 higher dies, sixty decrease dies
USB memory interface, RS-232 joint, world wide web (100Mb / 10Mb ) interface, power-off memory, integrated valve amplifier
True-time Windows working platform to make sure the steadiness of the procedure, support immediate shutdown
2-D graphic programming, determining bending procedure, calculating rolled-out length, automatically calculating bending treatment
Routinely estimate workbench deflection compensation benefit
Innovative Y axis management algorithm, manage closed-loop or open-loop valve
On the internet procedure examination resource, diagnostic dashboard, and angle calibration databases

Main CZPT configuration listing:

1 Control Technique 1set DA-52S(CZPTM)
2 SEVRO MOTOR 1set Japan yaskawa
3 HYDRAULIC Program 1set HOERBIGER, Germany.
4 Ball screw 2sets ZheJiang HIWIN
5 CZPT information 2set ZheJiang HIWIN
six joint 1set German EMB
7 Sealing ring 1set FIETZ, Japan, VALQUA, Japan.
eight Grating ruler 2set Italian GIVI
9 Main electrical components 1set CZPT or joint venture

Random equipment/paperwork:

Serial No. Title Quantity Remark
one Primary unit 1 Including one set of upper and reduced die, entrance plate holder and foot swap
2 Grease gun one  
3 Button key 2  
4 Key to doorway lock 2  
5 Merchandise directions one  
six certificate of good quality one  
seven Packing listing 1  
8 Basis bolt 4 sets Such as nuts and washers
nine O-variety sealing ring 16  

 Electro-hydraulic servo CNC Press Brake 

Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with Da56s System 4+1 Axis