Brand New Original Delta Servo Motor 400W Ecma-C20604RS Ss+Asd-B2-0421-B

Brand New Original Delta Servo Motor 400W Ecma-C20604RS Ss+Asd-B2-0421-B


Solution Description

Delta  [China ZheJiang ] Delta A2 Collection Servo Motor.

Delta, the tiny giant in the industrial control market, always attracts the attention of absolutely everyone and qualified prospects the route of the market place. Underneath the hundreds of waiting around and anticipation,
Delta ASDA-A2 ultimately made its debut.


Precise positioning.
ECMA servo motor is equipped with a substantial-precision 20-little bit (1280000p/rev) encoder to increase positioning accuracy and reduced-velocity operation balance.

Superb large-speed response functionality.
The corresponding bandwidth of velocity is 1kHZ.
Command placing time is in 1ms.
From -3000r/min to 3000r/min, the acceleration time is only 7ms.

Superb high and minimal frequency vibration suppression capacity.
Developed-in computerized low-frequency pendulum suppression, which can suppress the end vibration of the extended swing arm mechanism.

Use Situations


For robots whose posture, placement, function load and other elements alter at any time, it satisfies the desire for stable movements beneath any circumstances.
The MINAS A6 family members of products can manage the load variation to reduce the influence of the load and obtain stable procedure.

                                        Processing machinery   
For metal processing devices, particularly for the tough polygon mirror processing.
The A6 family increases the response of feedback by obtaining a reaction frequency of three.2kHz, does not generate horizontal and vertical stripes, and processes a easy mirror influence.

A6 family products are also often utilised in placement devices that pursue pace and accuracy.
It has a substantial-velocity response frequency, and is geared up with a load change reaction handle operate that can rapidly offer with occasional external disturbances, so as to enhance efficiency.

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Brand New Original Delta Servo Motor 400W Ecma-C20604RS Ss+Asd-B2-0421-B